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Names Of 6 Players In Manchester United For Sale

Manchester United reviewed 6 players within the squad planning of the next season.

In Manchester United, who wanted to enter the new season with an ambitious staff, in order to relieve the longing for the championship in the Premier League, the names to leave the team started to become clear.

According to the news in Telegraph, 6 players were dismissed in the Red Devils, who continue their work for the new season squad plans.
The proposals to be received for 6 players who are not considered in the squad will be evaluated and funds will be created from these sales. 

Manchester United, which made a great return to the Premier League after Pandemic and attracted attention as the most fitting team, aims to strictly separate its paths with Alexis Sanchez, Chris Smalling, Marcos Rojo, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard and Diogo Dalot during the summer transfer period.

Manchester United, who is also injured due to the impact of the coronavirus on football economy, wants to balance the budget by separating the paths with the unconscious football players.

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