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President Trump Announced That He Would Close More Chinese Consulates

US President Donald Trump (Reuters)
US President Donald Trump (Reuters)

Trump said he "can always" order the closure of more Chinese consulates in the US, after the Chinese delegation in Houston was asked to leave in 72 hours.

During a press conference at the White House on July 22, US President Donald Trump reiterated the presence of a fire on the Chinese Consulate General's campus in Houston after the US State Department ordered them to leave in 72 hours.

"I guess they're burning documents, burning paper."
He said, according to Reuters.

The U.S. has given China 72 hours to close the Houston-based consulate general for espionage, marking another significant negative turnaround between the world's two largest economies, which are at the lowest levels in the world many years.

The US State Department said on July 22 that the Chinese mission in Houston was required to close "to protect American intellectual property and American personal information".

On the evening of July 21, Houston police and firefighters arrived at the Chinese Consulate headquarters after detecting a fire on the building's premises. However, they are not allowed in because this place is considered Chinese territory.

Witnesses said they could detect the smell of burnt paper, while police said they seemed to be burning something in the yard.
In a statement posted on its official social media account, China's Foreign Ministry said the order to close the consulate general was "unilateral political provocation by the US".

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