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Qatar Airways Requires Four Gulf Countries To Pay $ 5 Billion For Closing Airspace

Aircraft of Qatar Airways (Source- Flickr)
Aircraft of Qatar Airways (Source- Flickr)

Qatar Airways said it would require Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt to pay at least $ 5 billion for the closure of its airspace.

Qatar Airways' statement stated: 
"It will sue the arbitral tribunals for the actions of blockade countries to remove Qatar Airways from markets and ban airlines in its airspace."
The statement said the claim could be $ 5 billion.

Qatar Airways has been banned from flying in the airspace of those four countries since June 2017, when it cut off relations with Qatar over allegations of Doha supporting terrorism a charge that Doha denied and claimed that this group of countries is violating national sovereignty.

The airline said the above measures are clearly aimed at the airline, with the aim of closing all its operations in the four countries mentioned above, destroying the value of investment and causing damage to its activities. Global.

The company is seeking to file a claim with four investment arbitration courts under three agreements, including the Arab Investment Agreement. Currently, 4 countries have not commented on this move.

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