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Samsung Reveals Its Vision for 6G Technology

Samsung announced what could be done with 6G connectivity technology before 5G became widespread and the history of the new technology.

5G technology, whose infrastructure studies are still in progress worldwide, can only be used in certain regions.

This technology, which promises low latency and high speed internet to users, will be replaced by 6G in the coming years.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has made new statements about 6G technology.

According to the statement made by Samsung Electronics, 6G technology will be available at the latest in 2028. According to the company, the new technology will be commercialized in 2028 and presented to users in 2030.

Samsung's expectation from 6G technology is to reach speeds 50 times faster than 5G technology. Thanks to this technology, we will have stepped into a world that is very different from what is spoken with 5G.

It took 15 years to switch from 2G technology to 3G and only 8 years to switch from 3G to 5G. For this reason, it is stated that the transition period to new technologies will be shortened in the future.

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