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The Fastest Graphics Card In The World: NVIDIA Ampere A100

The graphics card Ampere A100, which NVIDIA will soon be on sale, managed to become the fastest in the world in the OctaneBench rendering test.

California-based NVIDIA, one of the largest video card manufacturers in the world, is getting ready to meet its users with new high-end graphics cards based on Ampere architecture in September.

Months ahead of its introduction, new developments about graphics cards continue.
Ampere A100 ,  which is the highest level video card to be introduced by the company and produced with 7nm,  managed to become the fastest in the world in OctaneBench's rendering tests.

According to the OctaneBench test results, NVIDIA's Ampere A100 graphics card runs 43 percent faster than Turing architecture graphics cards. Moreover, the Ampere A100 graphics card managed to score 446 points from the render test it entered and performed 38 percent better than Titan RTX.

Saying that the Ampere architecture will have unprecedented speeds, NVIDIA will also give its biggest rival, AMD, with the new cards it will release.

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