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The FBI launched a campaign to hunt down Chinese "military spies" across the United States

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said Chinese researchers with secret ties to the country's military currently operate in more than 25 U.S. cities. Illustration

The FBI claims to have discovered many Chinese citizens who are conducting scientific research in the United States to "hide true involvement" with the Beijing military, and claim that these people are on a spy network.

According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the researchers Chinese have secret relations with the country's military is now active in more than 25 US cities.

Through a series of interviews, the FBI claimed that it had uncovered "a concerted effort" by many Chinese nationals conducting scientific research in the United States to "hide true relevance" with the country's military.

The goal of the above object is to take advantage of the United States as well as its people. Four of the above people have been charged with visa fraud. Three people have now been arrested and the FBI is hunting for a fourth character, believed to be hiding in a Chinese consulate in San Francisco.

Previously, Senator Marco Rubio - Acting Chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, affirmed that the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, Texas, had just been asked to close as a "screen" for espionage.

"The Chinese Consulate General in Houston is not a diplomatic base. It is a central node in a large network of spies and influence activities in the US." 
Rubio wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the New York Times quoted East Asian Assistant Secretary of State David Stilwell also affirmed that the Chinese Consulate General in Houston was at the center of the Chinese military's efforts to advance its dominance. 

He pointed out that Beijing does this by sending students to American universities.
"We have taken a practical step to prevent them from doing that." 
Mr. Stilwell said.

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