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The Secret Of Reading 100 Books A Year

How much does it sound, right? But it is possible, we can read 100 or even more books a year. We must manage our time and wishes properly. How many books do you read annually?

No matter how many years we live, our life is short. In the modern world, we always steal times from our short life in a rush. 24 hours a day and we are always running. Sometimes we find ourselves complaining about not having time to read books in this hustle and bustle. So how regularly do we live? Wouldn't everything be different if we proceeded in a discipline?

Whatever the human body does, he loves to keep doing it all the time. When we stop doing nothing for two days, staying on the third day feels like persecution. Especially during the pandemic, this situation mostly stuck to us. So it means that when we run a lot and sit down, sometimes we don't have time to do some things. So this is about our perception and order.

Life is short, there are so many books I want to read, so many movies I want to watch. Do you have time for it? So you should try acting on this.

So how many books do you read annually?

Chocolate Particle Cookie And Turp Test

Psychologist Roy Baumeister and his friends conducted the 'Chocolate Chip Cookies and Radish Experiment' in 1998. In this famous experiment, subjects divided into three groups were observed. They couldn't eat anything for 3 hours. Cookies and radishes were given to the first group. They could only eat radishes if they wanted. The second group was also given cookies and radishes. However, they were released, they were able to eat what they wanted. Nothing was given to the third group. In addition, all three groups had to solve an impossible problem to solve. In this experiment, which observed how long the subjects could survive, it was the first group to give up. Cookies were so busy that they could not bear it.

We can compare reading books to this. We want to read, yes; but there are a lot of cookies around us that deter us, bother our mind. Naturally, we give up very easily. So first we eliminate these stimuli. We organize our surroundings accordingly and spend a certain time on everything.

Easy To Force Reading

A thousand-odd page book will force us when we have decided to create an order in our lives. We should start with books that are easier to read and less pages. We can make a list, group books by subject and number of pages. Some types will be more difficult to understand than others. Especially in this period, there is no right start.

However, it is worth reading, we should also choose the right books for us. The book that did not absorb us in the first 10 minutes is probably not the book we are looking for. Or we need more time for this book. So before you start a book, decide if it suits you.

For example, you can rate your books between 1-5. Do not read a book that has fallen below 5 for you. Until a few years ago, since I looked at the books with the eyes of labor, I would have been unfair to the author of leaving a book that I received. However, I admit that I was wrong. Time is a much more valuable concept. Therefore, if a book is reproducing in your hand and cooling you from reading, leave that book immediately.

Also be open to species richness in your library. Reading the same kind of books will offer a limited change in our horizons. For this, we can visit the nearest bookshop, independent bookstore and get valuable suggestions. We cannot decide that we do not like the detective without reading a good detective. Moreover, chatting on books will be as delicious as reading.

Use The Time Concept Correctly

It is very important to use the time correctly. We can set a time limit while reading a book. Let's think like this, we read a book we receive in an average of two months. However, this always brings a break. A break from the event, information.

For example, we start with a 200-page book. We have decided that it is the right book. So let's give ourselves 3 or 4 hours to read this book. However, we will have no other stimuli during this time frame. We can especially try this on research books. Maybe the whole book is not over; but we will finish by understanding most of it.

You decreased the stimuli around you. Besides, if you are a distracted person, it is better not to pursue another research while reading. For example, instead of researching a word you don't know the meaning of now, you can take notes and look at it later.

Another thing that can be included in this time limitation and even the right book selection is the speed of reading. You know that speed reading techniques are very popular. To learn these techniques, you can read books written on this subject or go to a course. If I need to give a little suggestion, I always use colored pencils while reading and thanks to the color that distracts my inner voice, I follow the words easier and faster with my eyes.

Another important issue, especially if you are researching, you cannot read every book from beginning to end. You don't have to read the parts that don't work for you. Of course, we can read and learn other information. However, we also need to know that we will distract and extend the process. You have to accept that. The book can actually give you an average of 20 to 50 pages. However, if it is written this much, it cannot be printed.

If so, you can review the book for 5 minutes, mark the topics that will work for you in the table of contents, and read the book for an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the pages of the book and the grades you will receive.

Although all of these seem to make reading books fun, everything will happen spontaneously when it turns into our habit over time. You'll see. And then you will read the novels more fluently and by understanding, you will feel more.

Read Everywhere

You don't have to be at home to read a book, sip coffee in a cafe, lie on the grass, etc. The book is read everywhere. I have a book that I carry in my bag just to read on the road. There is so much time wasted on the bus, the ferry, the metrobus and the subway all day while out! It is possible to finish a book once a week on traffic roads, especially if you live in the metropolitan area.

In this way, we will turn ourselves into people who think and understand our books more, understand them and feel the books they read even in their speeches. Isn't it a great journey and self-arrival?


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