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The Smartphones With The Least Heat Have Been Revealed

In the second quarter of 2020, Master Lu unveiled the smartphones that warmed the least.

Temperature problems experienced in some smartphones may reach uncomfortable dimensions from time to time. However, overheating, especially due to intensive use, does not happen at the same level in every phone.

The leading smartphone Master Lu, one of benchmarking platforms, released the smartphones of the least heated in the second quarter of 2020.

According to the published report, the phones that warmed the least in the second quarter of 2020 belong to the Chinese manufacturer Vivo. Vivo phones managed to rank first by heating an average of 30.56 degrees Celsius.

The Chinese manufacturer's coldest smartphone in the second quarter was the Vivo U3x, with an average of 27.96 degrees Celsius.
According to the report released by Master Lu, the second least warm-up smartphones of 2020 belong to Samsung.

The average temperature of Samsung branded smartphones was recorded at 31.08 degrees Celsius.

Chinese manufacturer OPPO followed Samsung with an average of 31.15 degrees Celsius.

Some of the models that are on the list of Master Lu's least heated smartphones are as follows:
Samsung Galaxy M30s
Redmi 8
Vivo iQOO Neo 855

Unfortunately, no more detailed information has been shared about the smartphones that have warmed up at least by the platform. However, we will continue to update our content as new information arrives.

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