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The United States formally declares China's Huawei and ZTE as national security threats

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on June 30 formally declared China's telecommunications group Huawei and ZTE to be a threat to US national security, a move to ban companies. 

The US exploits $ 8.3 billion government fund to buy equipment from these companies.

FCC President Ajit Pai on June 30 stressed:
 "We cannot and will not allow China to exploit network vulnerabilities and damage important US communications infrastructure."
Huawei and ZTE have not responded to the move, but have sharply criticized the actions of the FCC.

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks believes that unreliable equipment is maintained in US networks and Congress needs to allocate funding for the replacement.

With a decision on June 30, the FCC banned telecommunications providers from using $ 8.3 billion government subsidies to buy equipment from Huawei and ZTE for their networks.

The FCC voted in November for the issue, but the order was issued only and takes effect June 30.

In May, Trump signed a decree declaring a national emergency and banning U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment from companies that threaten U.S. national security. The Trump administration also listed Huawei as a commercial blacklist last year.

At that time, the FCC voted to deny another Chinese state-owned telecommunications company China Mobile the right to provide US services, citing the reason that the Chinese government could use it to spy on the United States.

The FCC has taken an increasingly tough line against Chinese companies. In April, the FCC said it could close three state-controlled Chinese telecommunications companies in the United States. 

The new FCC decision is expected to make it difficult for small and medium-sized telecom companies to provide affordable services.

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