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Three Best Alternatives To Download YouTube videos

YouTube is the global benchmark for videos. The Google platform has changed the world as we know it and has become an inexhaustible source of resources to consult information on practically any topic in our day to day. 

Although it is essential to have an Internet connection, there is the possibility of being able to view videos offline after having previously downloaded them. Here are three alternatives for downloading YouTube videos.

YouTube Premium
The first option must be the official one from Google, that is, YouTube Premium. The subscription service of the US multinational offers this possibility among its options. It is not free like the other proposals but it is, without a doubt, the most reliable and comfortable option to download any video from the platform and watch it when you do not have an Internet connection.

There are multiple similar websites that allow downloading in a simple way. We recommend BitDownloader. We just have to access it ( and in the text box enter the link (YouTube web address) of the video in question, and press 'Search'. After a few seconds the system will show us a menu in which pressing Download will start the download. By default, the image quality will be 720p, although in the 'Download other formats' section we can choose another resolution. Also, we can choose the option to download only the audio.

The last recommendation is YouTubeDL, a somewhat more complex option to use but that can be easily controlled with some practice. It is an open source program , that is, free, and multiplatform (Windows, Mac and Linux) that can be run without installing it and that offers us the possibility of downloading videos from YouTube, as well as other services such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (as well as BitDownloader). 

The complication in this case is given because you have to control a few command lines of the operating system, and because you must previously have installed the Python interpreter (just click on this link and follow the steps). We just have to download YouTubeDL and on its own website they explain the steps to follow to quickly familiarize yourself with the command lines to execute.

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