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United Kingdom lifts quarantine for passengers from Spain

United Kingdom lifts quarantine for passengers from Spain

France, Germany and Italy, included in the list of more than 50 countries that will not be obliged to isolate themselves for 14 days when stepping on British territory.

Passengers from Spain , France , Germany and Italy are not required to enforce a quarantine of 14 days to getting to England from next July 10 as part of the easing of measures travel applied to contain the spread of the Covid-19.

The Ministry of Transport confirmed this Friday the first four countries exempt from this isolation, considering that they are territories with "a reduced risk" of the coronavirus, and expects to disclose this Friday the rest of the countries included in the measure.

"There will be a list of more than 50 countries and if you add the overseas territories, 60's and peak." 
Transport Minister Grant Shapps told Sky News. 

The Executive has indicated that the complete list, to be published this Friday, will be subject to a constant review, in the event of an increase in cases of the coronavirus in those countries.

The British authorities had imposed mandatory two-week isolation in early June for all persons entering the country from anywhere in the world, except those from the Republic of Ireland.

The Foreign Ministry is also expected to amend its recommendation to the British on foreign travel since hitherto it has asked to avoid going to any country unless absolutely necessary in order to avoid contagion.

In addition to the four countries mentioned, another sixty are expected to be included in the measure, although the Government has clarified that travelers from them would only have to meet a two-week quarantine if they have previously made transit through some territory that is not included in the list.

Despite everything, the authorities have pointed out that the removal of the quarantine is not a guarantee that the countries that appear on the list apply reciprocal measures, so it is possible that travelers are forced to comply with some type of isolation when entering they.

The Transport Ministry has also reported that the other British regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have to decide what border measures to apply to travelers entering their territories from abroad.

Scotland and Wales have yet to make a decision on this, but Northern Ireland maintains quarantine for all those entering from any country except the Republic of Ireland.

The lifting of this quarantine has been adopted after strong pressure from the tourism sector due to the economic impact of the pandemic in the middle of the summer vacation season.

The decision to abolish compulsory isolation was made after the so-called Joint Biosafety Center, made up of scientific and medical experts, studied factors such as the prevalence of the virus in those countries and the number of cases.

Shapps said today that this measure represents the "next step in the careful reopening" of the country. 

"The whole country has worked tirelessly to get to this point, therefore the word security must be under observation and we will not hesitate to act quickly to protect ourselves if cases of infection increase in the countries with which we return to connect.”

Added Shapps.

A spokesman for travel association Airlines UK expressed satisfaction with the announcement, noting that airlines will be able to "re-operate their services to many major markets at times of peak summer travel."

At the end of March, the Government imposed the confinement of the population to contain the pandemic and recommended to avoid traveling abroad unless it was essential. 

Last month the government started the de-escalation and this weekend they will reopen bars, "pubs" and restaurants in England and also the hairdressers, but the closure of gyms and the ban on massive festivals remain.

The United Kingdom, the European country most affected by the coronavirus, yesterday registered another 89 deaths from Covid-19, confirmed after carrying out a test, until accounting for 43,995 since the start of the pandemic.

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