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US Records 52,000 Infections In One Day As Trump Denies Covid-19

US Records 52,000 Infections In One Day As Trump Denies Covid-19

The president of the United States assures that the virus is in the doldrums and that he has done better than China or Europe.

Presidents Donald Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama, enjoy something in common, despite the fact that it seems impossible.

From radically opposite points of view, and not only because of the color of the skin, the two converge when it comes to appealing to the so-called "American exceptionalism".

The theory that the United States is a singular country, without parallel, is part of a unique patriotic idiosyncrasy and of its particular national self-esteem.

This concept, on the eve of the great celebration of the day of Independence (July 4), is in one of the most critical periods that is remembered and that there have been other passages of doubts about its global preeminence.

83% of Americans are not proud of their country, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center. It is one of the worst indicators that are remembered in this matter.

The way in which the Trump Government has dealt with Covid-19 has caused a majority dissatisfaction, as the polls also emphasize. Exceptional yes, without a doubt, but on the negative side, as one of the worst countries in the management of the coronavirus.

The United States is the world number one in infections (more than 2.7 million) and in the deceased, already bordering on 131,000. It adds and continues, because the US is in a rebound of patients, especially in those states that acted slowly in the face of the disease but were in a hurry to reopen business and relaxed mitigation.

Donald Trump insisted this Wednesday on his exclusive magical thought. 
"I think we are coming back in a very strong way, we are doing very well with the coronavirus, which, at some point, will simply disappear."
Said Fox, its propaganda chain.

The country woke up on Thursday with the news that same day on Wednesday, the peak of 52,000 new cases was reached in just 24 hours, according to the John Hopkins University computation.

The infection continued to grow yesterday in 40 states. In 14 of these they registered the record of increase in a single day of the number of patients. Around 40% of the country is taking measures to re-close businesses for fear of this rebound, which especially affects young people.

More than 800,000 positives have been detected throughout June, when practically the entire country had started trying to return to normal.

"This incredible news is the result of the historical actions that my Administration has adopted."
Trump celebrated this Thursday at the White House, in an appearance before the press, without questions, to celebrate that 4.8 million jobs were created in June. The president not only ignored that unemployment continues at 11.1% (in February it was 3.5%) and that this is the easiest part of the recovery, but he completely forgot about the increase in cases and the reverse in all those affected states. None of the 52,000 new affected.

On the contrary, Trump insisted that the virus is in the doldrums and that the United States has done much better than China or Europe and that it is under control.

Trump proclaimed victory. It was only a couple of days ago that Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the main health officials, released the notice in the Senate that he will not be surprised if the infections rise to 100,000 daily. 

"We're going in the wrong direction. The whole country is at risk."
he said.

Denying reality will not defeat reality. Trump has lived in denial and has denied science from day one, "said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Reality wins and reality will win and now the country is suffering because of the President," he reiterated when announcing this Wednesday that the Big Apple will not allow the reopening of interior service in bars and restaurants next Monday in view of what is happening in Texas, Arizona, Florida or California, four of the states hardest hit by the outbreak.

Following the path of Texas, Arizona or Florida, California Governor Gavin Newson ordered the closure of the interior of bars and restaurants in 19 counties. This represents 70% of the most populous state in the USA.

Both Trump and Pence allege that the death rate has fallen. Fauci recalled that this result usually comes after increases in cases. Other experts noted that this is because medical treatment has improved and older people are more careful, but may be on the verge of an increase.

The president said nothing about Europe closing the borders to Americans, another affront to national pride. 
"Trump has not done the basic part of his job."
said his rival, Joe Biden.
"and the restriction on travel has consequences on our relationship with the world, personally, economically, culturally and strategically." 
Biden recalled:
"We are the first to be infected and killed."

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