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400 Vulnerabilities Found In Snapdragon Processors


Cyber ​​security experts have detected nearly 400 vulnerabilities in smartphones powered by Snapdragon processors.

Snapdragon processors that power millions of smartphones around the world today are manufactured by US-based Qualcomm.

The new research reveals how dangerous these processors, which are often encountered in android smartphones, can be.

According to security experts, these processors have around 400 weak spots and the vulnerabilities threaten 40 percent of android phones worldwide.

Thanks to hundreds of vulnerabilities in the codes of Snapdragon processors, cyber spies can access the video and audio inputs of the phones and record the screen of the users.

In addition, sensitive data such as banking information can also fall into the hands of malicious people thanks to these vulnerabilities.

Hackers can exploit hundreds of vulnerabilities to disconnect phones, such as Wi-Fi or cellular data, and make phones completely unusable.

Technology companies, on the other hand, have to take intensive measures to avoid such vulnerabilities. Qualcomm has taken an important step to close the gaps in potentially dangerous situations by introducing the remote update feature to the latest processor models.


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