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5G Protests Continue In Belgium


People gathered in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, to protest the investments made in the country for 5G technology. The Belgians held a demonstration in the same place last month.

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives due to the coronavirus epidemic that emerged in Wuhan, China and rapidly affected the whole world. Some conspiracy theorists attribute the cause of this epidemic to 5G.

In fact, the first appearance of the epidemic in Wuhan sparked this debate. Because this city was also one of the first Chinese cities where 5G was used.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the coronavirus is caused by radiation waves emitted by the 5G internet.

A group of demonstrators gathered in front of the central train station (Gare Central) in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, reacted to the infrastructure investments in 5G, the 5th generation communication technology.

Protesters who comply with the social distance rule against the coronavirus epidemic stated that this new technology, which will produce higher electromagnetic waves compared to previous generations, is harmful to health.

During the demonstration, where a limited number of participants were allowed due to the epidemic, protesters carried banners saying "Boycott 5G" and "stop 5G technology".

Belgium was one of the first countries after South Korea to introduce 5G technology, a communications infrastructure at the center of the technological conflict between the US and China.

Sarkis Simonjan, Stop 5G Organizer; In a written statement, he stated that anti-5G demonstrations will be held in Brussels on the first Saturday of every month.

Some people who take conspiracy theories seriously on the Internet have set fire to several 5G stations in the UK in recent weeks and attacked workers laying fiber optic cables.

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