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After TikTok, President Trump is about to 'checkmate' Jack Ma's Alibaba


The attacks on Chinese tech giants like TikTok and Alibaba are showing a rapid escalation in Washington's strategy to respond to Beijing.

Speaking at a press conference on Aug. 15, US President Donald Trump said he was "considering" whether tech giant Alibaba should be banned in the US.

The information comes in the context of the Trump administration's continued moves to target major Chinese tech corporations, from Huawei to TikTok of ByteDance and WeChat of Tencent.

Before commenting on Alibaba, President Trump signed two decrees banning all US transactions with Bytedance and Tencent - the parent companies of two popular apps TikTok and Wechat.

The blows on Chinese tech giants, which started with Huawei on ZTE in 2019, have seen a rapid escalation in Washington's strategy to respond to Beijing, according to CNN.

In related developments, recently, on August 14, the US ordered ByteDance to withdraw TikTok's activities in the country within 90 days, in the latest effort to increase pressure on Chinese companies due to concerns about the security of personal data handled by the company.

According to experts, Alibaba's Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is not as successful in entering the Western market as the four companies mentioned above. However, the company is still seen as one of the Chinese tech giants. This was enough to push Washington to inflict new trade blows.


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