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Amazon Gets Approval For Internet Satellite Project

The Federal Communications Commission has given permission that Amazon needs to realize its 3,236 satellite internet plans.

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, plans to launch a total of 42,000 Starlink satellites into space in the coming years, providing satellite access to the world.

The company, which is currently sending hundreds of satellites into orbit in the giant project, which will cost a total of 10 billion dollars, is gradually going through the testing stages.

Another company, Amazon, which aims to provide internet services to users with the satellites it will launch, will launch 3,236 internet satellites with an investment of more than $ 10 billion.

The internet satellites of Amazon, which will be located at a height of 590, 610 and 630 kilometers from the world, will be quite similar to the StarX project of SpaceX.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave Amazon necessary permissions for internet satellites. The commission allowed the U.S. Company until 2026 to launch half of the satellites.

Therefore, Amazon will launch at least 50 percent of satellites by July 30, 2026, and by 2029 all satellites will be in orbit.

Amazon needs at least 578 satellites in orbit to provide internet service to its customers.


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