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Angelina Jolie Demands That The Judge In Charge Of Her Divorce With Brad Pitt Withdraw


The actress has presented a motion to the Los Angeles court alleging that the magistrate has a professional connection with one of her ex-husband's lawyers.

Brad and Angelina's soap opera continues. Even though the two actors have rekindled and are succeeding separately, their divorce continues to bring them together in a way that seems unfriendly. 

The couple has returned to the news headlines because Angelina has counterattacked in this legal battle, presenting a motion in the Los Angeles court that takes her case to be set aside to the judge for not having informed about his professional relationship with one of Brad Pitt's lawyers.

Angelina Jolie And Her Children

Angelina wants that John W. Ouderkirk should be removed from the divorce proceedings because he was not clear and reported late on other cases in which he had worked with Anne C. Kiley, one of the lawyers that Brad Pitt represents in Hollywood. 

According to the report:

"Ouderkirk did not disclose the cases that demonstrate the current, recurring and ongoing client relationship between him and the defendant's counselor."

And it is all good because, like many famous couples, Jolie and Pitt hired a private judge to prevent their personal and financial data from coming to light, which is why Angelina insists that Brad Pitt's lawyer had watched for the financial interests of Judge Ouderkirk "so that his appointment and the possibility that it affects his remuneration is extended in a very public case."

A fact that it does not intend to allow even if it is a private judge, since it is obliged to comply with the rules of a public one:

"It does not matter if the judge has preference or not but under California law he is obliged to leave the case when creating 'reasonable doubt' of his ability to remain impartial . "


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