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Apple Filed Royalties Against A Company With A Pear As Its Logo


Apple sued the meal planning company "Prepear" for having pear in its logo. The company, which has only 5 employees, will fight against the US technology giant.

It is now a known fact that Apple, using the bitten apple logo, is extremely protective of the logo. However, the tech giant sometimes exaggerates this attitude and becomes the focus of reactions.

Apple's latest copyright victim is "Prepear ", a meal planning app for children. The pear-shaped logo of the application caught Apple's attention, and the US Company went to court with a copyright complaint.

Russell Monson, chief operating officer of the company, co-founder of Prepear, said Apple is putting pressure on the small businesses that is using the fruit-themed logo.

Emphasizing that small businesses do not have enough money to struggle with Apple, Monson stated that Apple is very hard on this issue.

Prepear, which had only 5 employees before the lawsuit, has to spend years without one employee in order to cover the costs of the case filed by Apple.

“I'm not saying people should stop using Apple products.” 

Said Natalie Monson, another founding partner of the company. 

“But help us keep them in taking a step back. It is a moral responsibility for us to stand up to Apple's tough stance on small businesses and to fight for the right to protect our logo.” 

Apple says that says that Prepear's pear-shaped logo will diminish the 'distinction' of the Apple logo and consumers are taking legal action on the grounds that it will confuse Apple and Prepear's services.


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