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Apple Removes 30,000 Apps From Its Store In China

Apple deleted nearly 30 thousand apps from the App Store in China. The removed applications were allegedly owned by companies that didn't report Apple license numbers.

As the tension between the USA and China has been growing day by day, a new development took place on the Apple front.

The US Company, which announced that it would remove all unlicensed apps from the App Store earlier this year, had given time to companies until July 31.

Earlier this month, Apple removed nearly 3,000 apps from its Chinese store that did not report their license numbers, and as of today, a total of 29,800 apps have been deleted from the Chinese App Store.

Moreover, among the deleted applications are the games of giants such as Zynga and Supercell.

Apple, which generated more than $ 12.6 billion in revenue from the App Store in China last year, is expected to remove thousands more apps from the App Store China by the end of the year.


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