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Apple to give security researchers free iPhone


Apple will give hackers and security researchers a free iPhone model made exclusively. In this way, the company will be able to detect vulnerabilities more easily.

Apple is known for shutting down its own operating systems, unlike the open source Android operating system.

For years, iOS as the most reliable operating system that has succeeded in retaining his title as US companies, thus managed to prevent cyber hackers. However, this made it impossible for security researchers to find the root cause of any problem that arose.

Apple will provide security researchers with special and free iPhone models called "Security Research Device (SRD)." These special iPhones will offer root shell access and allow researchers to run special commands, so experts will find system vulnerabilities that they can't find on iPhones sold outside. It can detect on iPhones.

Although owning a free iPhone seems exciting for security researchers, Apple has some rules. Apple will not allow personal use or transportation of phones, as the software for these special phones can be accessed.

In addition, security researchers with these phones will not be able to disclose their gaps until Apple corrects them.

Even if you accept all these terms, there is no guarantee that you will get a special iPhone model from Apple. For this, you must have joined the Apple Developer Program and found a vulnerability before.

Time will show how dangerous these iPhone models, which have almost no security restrictions, will become if they fall into the hands of the wrong people. However, Apple says SRD iPhones do not pose a threat to operating system security, even if they are lost or stolen.


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