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Australians will Start receiving pays per news from Google and Facebook

The Australian administration has announced that Google and Facebook will have to pay to share the news of local media outlets in Australia.

The increase in internet usage and the growth of internet journalism in recent years have enabled Google, one of the largest companies in the world, to give more importance to the news.

In addition, Facebook brought various news from the country press to its users with the news feature it added to the platform.

According to the new decision of the Australian government, Google and Facebook, the Australian media to make a deal with their bodies and posting news remains will have to pay their own media outlets.

For now, the decision, which only covers Google and Facebook, is expected to pass through the Australian Parliament this year and become law soon.

The Australian government's decision is not limited to this. According to the decision, Google and Facebook, the news a portion of the income derived from the shares will again be forced to share with the media.

In case of resisting the law, 10 percent of annual turnover of companies or 7.2 million dollars will be given.



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