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Belarus Accuses Russia Of Being Dishonest About The Arrest Of Mercenaries In Minsk

Russia once said mercenaries captured by Belarus were on their way to a third country, but the Belarusian president said these were all lies.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on August 4 confirmed that another foreign unit had been sent to his country to destabilize amidst Moscow-Minsk tensions over suspected mercenaries.

"Today, we received word that another foreign unit has been dispatched to the south of Belarus. We have to hunt down and capture this group. We will capture them all!" 

President Lukashenko announced.

The Belarusian leader added that the group of Russians previously detained near the capital, Minsk, were intentionally sent here, not waiting for a flight to Instanbul or Venezuela as they claimed.

"There have been many lies about Instanbul, Venezuela, Africa and Libya. These people were taken testimony. They were sent to Belarus on purpose. They received orders to wait for the next instruction."

President Lukashe also confirmed that although these people have air tickets to Instanbul, this is only a move to hide their true purpose.

"Why fly to Instanbul or some other African country via Belarus? This can be done easily from Novorossiysk, from Crimea, Don't listen to their lies. We countered humane treatment of detainees and so we got the result they gave everything."

The 65-year-old leader said. Novorossiysk is a major Russian port city on the Black Sea, while Crimea is a peninsula merged in 2014.

There has been no response to the allegations, but Moscow has expressed that Lukashenko's criticism was an outbreak and demand for immediate release of captured Russian citizens.

President Lukashenko is facing the biggest challenge in his 26 years in office due to the opposition to the COVID-19 epidemic response, a sluggish economy and human rights issues.

Before the election, many protest events took place and some of Lukashenko's opponents were arrested for various reasons.


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