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Beşiktaş Offered 2.5 Million Euros To Mario Balotelli


An offer of 2.5 million euros was made for the Italian football player Mario Balotelli, who is one of the names that Beşiktaş's theme accelerated.

Beşiktaş's search for strikers continues at full speed. There are developments about Mario Balotelli, which black and white fans especially want.

Beşiktaş, which will play in the Champions League qualifying match 15 days later, has to report its squad to UEFA by 20th August at the latest. Therefore, it was learned that the management, who wanted to keep his hand fast, accelerated the negotiations with Balotelli.

Kartal, who made an annual offer of 1.9 million euros to the Italian football player of Ghanaian origin, offered 2.5 million euros as the last bid. It was also learned that the 29-year-old football player responded positively to this offer.

It was stated that the President of Beşiktaş Futbol A.Ş, Erdal Torunoğulları, who continues his talks with the football player, will go to Italy and meet with the manager of the star player. Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi will make the final decision for Balotelli, with whom Brescia wants to part ways with.

If President Cebi approves the transfer, the contracts are expected to be signed. Besiktas fans, who know this discomfort of Mario Balotelli, who is constantly faced with racism in the football world, tagged the Italian football player on his social media account with the caption:

"Nobody here is racist. Because this is Beşiktaş." 

They shared this on social media, which also attracted the attention of the striker that he left a heart under one of these posts.

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