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Bloody shooting in Brazil left 17 people dead


According to the Brazilian police officer, out of five people were killed, one out of the 12 injured, one was in critical condition.

Brazilian local media on August 10 reported that a shooting occurred on the night of August 9 (local time) in the city of Recife, Pernambuco state, northeastern Brazil, killing at least 5 people and 12 others were injured.

Brazil's G1 portal, quoted by Officer Joaquim Braga, of the country's Civil Police, said the attackers had arrived in the Ipojuca city center in Recife in two cars and opened fire indiscriminately. People were eating and drinking there, causing 3 deaths on the spot and 12 injuries. Immediately after, this group moved to a nearby building and killed two more people.

According to the police officer, out of the 12 injured, one was in critical condition.

According to the investigation at the scene, the police predicted that at least 8 people were involved in the massacre that the Brazilian authorities rated as extremely "barbaric". Police said that the motive for the crime of this group is still unknown.


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