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Boat Capsized In Bangladesh: 17 Dead

17 people died as a result of the sinking of the boat carrying students and teachers to the lake in Netrokona region of Bangladesh.

A group of 48 students and teachers studying at a madrasah in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, had a catastrophic accident at the Rajalikanda Lake in Netrokona, where they went on a tour.

The boat carrying teachers and students capsized on the way from the town of Uchitpur to the town of Govindashree. Police and firefighters who came to the region started search and rescue work. While most of the passengers were rescued in the accident, the lifeless body of 17 students and teachers has been reached so far, and 2 students have not yet been informed.

On the other hand, as the water level of Lake Rajalikanda, one of the largest lakes in the country, exceeded the risk limit due to monsoons, the authorities had previously warned for those who came here.

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