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China patented the first Covid-19 vaccine in the country


The Chinese media has announced that the Covid-19 vaccine, which has not been in phase 3 clinical trial, called Ad5-nCoV, has been patented.

The Global Times reported that the newly patented vaccine is a recombinant type called Ad5-nCoV. The vaccine was developed by CanSino Biopharmaceutical Company (China) in collaboration with a group led by Chinese military infectious disease expert Chen Wei.

The Chinese media said that the patent has confirmed that the vaccine is highly effective and safe, and proves the intellectual property rights of CanSino. At the same time, it will increase confidence in the international market with the Covid-19 vaccine developed by China.

Xu Xinming, an intellectual property lawyer in Beijing, said that China has a strict and complete patent inspection system. To be granted a degree, a product or technology must be fundamentally different from similar products available in the world.

According to Mr. Xu, CanSino is applying for a patent with foreign authorities to protect intellectual property rights in the process of international cooperation.

CGTN cites a document published on the website of the National Intellectual Property Office of China, saying that the vaccine could be mass produced in a short time when a pandemic breaks out.

It is known that on March 18, CanSino filed a patent application with the National Intellectual Property Department. Days ago, they ran a phase one clinical trial on the candidate and got approval on August 11.

The company said phase 3 vaccine trials have been conducted overseas and have progressed well. Results of phase one and two tests published on July 20 showed the vaccine's safety and high level of immunity.

Relevant developments, the Drug Administration of China recently released documents on the conditions for Covid-19 vaccines of this country to be approved. Accordingly, the Covid-19 vaccine which helps at least 50% of the immunized people to be immunized will be approved and sold on the market.

Having never been there, in order to get approval, the Covid-19 vaccines from China must also help immunize the vaccinated person to be immune to the virus for at least 6 months. In particular, Covid-19 vaccines that meet the efficacy standards will be immediately approved by China for use in emergencies, despite the lack of completion of phase 3 - critical phase vaccine testing.

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