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"Do Not Vote For A Murderer"; Sharon Stone's Strong Message Against Trump


The actress, who has suffered the most serious consequences of the coronavirus in her family, lashes out at Trump's policy in this crisis and against deniers. 

"This is only going to change if you vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris."

she says.

Sharon Stone has exploded on social media. Outraged and saddened, she has published several videos in which she criticizes the management of President Donald Trump in the COVID-19 crisis, which is costing thousands of lives in the US. Therefore, she sends a clear message to her followers:

"Do not vote for a murderer."

The coronavirus has been cruel to the actress's family. 

"I have lost my grandmother and my godmother and now my sister, who has lupus, and her husband are torn between life and death after being infected with coronavirus." 

she says visibly affected.

She explains that she has tried to speak to government authorities "tired of hearing that there is no extreme risk of contagion, that things are under control and that the alarm cannot be extended." 

The actress, who has been publishing messages for weeks to promote the use of the mask, denounces that the tests being carried out to detect contagion and the lack of adequate protection for medical personnel are insufficient.

"They keep telling us that the risk is very small, that you may not die, that you will be fine. But I tell you what is happening with my family: my sister and my brother-in-law are fighting for their lives, and my sister is not very well.”

According to the actress, "the stress, pressure and fatigue" experienced in the Montana hospital where her sister is admitted, collide head-on with a situation "where people carry weapons and say they are free not to wear a mask."

Finally, the actress and producer shows her support and confidence to the Democrats so that this situation ends. 

"This is only going to change if you vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And the reason this will happen is because with women in power we will fight for families, we will fight for people to live. Please vote. And, please, whatever you do, don't vote for a murderer."


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