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Driverless Robot Taxis Open To The Public In China


Developing autonomous driving technologies, AutoX is starting to offer the driverless taxi project, named "Robotaxi", to the public after various tests.

Hundreds of thousands of people died due to the coronavirus epidemic that spread all over the world after it emerged in China. But in recent days, life in China has slowly started to return to normal.

The onset of normalization resulted in driverless robot taxis that were first produced and tested in 2018.

Developing autonomous driving technologies, AutoX has finally decided to open the project called "RoboTaxi", which it has been testing since last April.

AutoX has agreed with the local government for driverless taxis to be used in the Jiading region, and will use 100 RoboTaxi in the region for now.

Customers will be able to use AutoX RoboTaxis with Alibaba's AutoNavi smartphone app. Customers who will choose the distance and their destination through the application will then wait for the vehicle to come and pick it up.

AutoX is expected to break its ties with Alibaba, with an application called "AutoX Driver". Shaking hands with the developer named Letzgo, the brand will soon entrust RoboTaxi to its application.

On the other hand, many taxi drivers in the country have objected, claiming that their jobs will be taken away.


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