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EU aid of 33 million euros to help Lebanon overcome the aftermath of the Beirut explosion


In addition to the donation of up to 33 million euros, the EU also mobilized material resources to support ongoing relief operations in Beirut, and at the same time called for more help from donors.

On August 6, the European Union (EU) announced a 33 million euro (39 million USD) donation to help Lebanon overcome the aftermath of the explosion in the capital Beirut, which killed at least 137 people and 5,000 people, injured.

The European Commission said the € 33 million support would be able to help meet immediate needs for emergency services and hospitals in the Lebanese capital.

The EU is also preparing to hold a meeting to mobilize more aid for Lebanon.

In addition to the above money, the EU also mobilized material resources to support the ongoing relief operations in Beirut.

Currently, European countries have quickly mobilized rescue forces to Lebanon, in which Italy has sent a hospital ship carrying medical equipment and is capable of evacuating by helicopter. 

Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel have called on member states to contribute to the future reconstruction of Lebanon.

In a letter to 27 EU members, the two leaders reminded the 27 member states of a strong partnership between the EU and Lebanon, a country of strategic importance.

In addition to the EU, the US also pledged to increase support for Lebanon to overcome difficulties.

The US Army's Central Command (CENTCOM) spokesman, Frank McKenzie, said the military would deliver drinking water, food and medicine to Lebanon.

Mr. McKenzie emphasized that the US is ready to assist the Lebanese people in "terrible catastrophe" and that the US military will coordinate with the Lebanese army, the US Embassy in Lebanon and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) currently operating this aid.

On the same day, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged Lebanese officials to overcome the current impasse and step up the implementation of reforms to quickly rebuild the country through the crisis.


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