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Explosion In Beirut: 100 Dead, A Group Of Firefighters Are Missing

The devastating devastation of the explosion in the port area near downtown Beirut. Photo: Reuters

Beirut Mayor Marwan Abboud said that, in addition to 100 deaths, more than 100 others are missing, including a group of firefighters.

The Guardian in the afternoon of 5/8 quoted the announcement of the Lebanese Red Cross that the number of deaths due to the horrific explosion in the chemical storage near the port in Beirut capital has reached 100, while the number of The injured are more than 4,000.

Beirut Mayor Marwan Abboud earlier told the media that more than 100 others were missing, including a group of firefighters - who were mobilized to the scene of the extinguishing of fires. "Beirut has never experienced anything like this," Mr. Abboud said.

Mr. Abboud cried when he mentioned the tragedy. "We need to be strong, we have to be strong and courageous, even though the damage is too great," the mayor of the city called and compared this incident with the incident of Japan's Nagasaki and Hirosima Nuclear.

Earlier, about 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate in a warehouse at a port in Beirut exploded into two episodes on the afternoon of August 4 (local time).

Jeffrey Lewis, a weapons control expert at Middlebury International Research Institute in the United States, said the explosion had struck more than 200 TNT explosives.

People in several neighboring Middle East countries can also feel the vibration from the incident.

Photos on local media show that many high-rise buildings around the scene were destroyed, the glass doors were blown up.

A region of the capital Beirut looks like it just went through a war. Many witnesses said that they had just experienced an atomic bomb explosion.


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