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Foldable iPhone Is Getting Ready To Go On Sale In 2023


Apple's foldable phone, which has been transformed from iPhone to iPad, can meet users in 2023 with powerful features.

Samsung and Huawei are leading the race in this market by introducing their foldable phones in recent months.

There is no explanation from Apple on this subject these days when foldable phones are talked a lot .

Apple, which has received many patents on the foldable phone so far, has not made any statements regarding these patents.

Komiya, known for its reliable leaks about Apple products, shared new information about the foldable iPhone. According to allegations, the company is working on a foldable phone that will turn into an iPhone when folded and an iPad when opened, and this phone will go on sale in 2023.

Sharing new information about the features of the foldable iPhone, Komiya said that the phone will have a 3nm Apple A16X or A17 chipset. This means almost 3 times the performance of current iPhones.

It is said that Apple will adopt microLED display technology in its foldable phone. Earlier reports showed that microLED technology allowed significantly thinner screens to be designed.

Apparently, Apple is planning to take a step forward in the foldable race with microLED displays.

Apple, who wants to avoid screen problems experienced by Samsung in the Galaxy Fold model and is not in a hurry with the foldable phone race. The company plans to produce a fault-free phone with all problems resolved at least by 2023.

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