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Four Alternatives To Fortnite, Now That It Has Been Removed From The App Store


PUBG, Call of Duty, Rules of Survival and Creative Destruction are set to take the place of Epic Games' game

Apple has removed Fornite from the App Store claiming that the Epic Games game violates the rules of its virtual store. The problem is that the successful title (possibly the most famous video game globally today) has introduced a direct payment function that prevents the Apple firm from obtaining the classic benefits of its business system. And since the war seems to be going on for a long time (both giants have announced legal measures) we offer you four alternatives to Fortnite for iPhone and iPad.


The Playerunknown's Battlegrounds version designed exclusively for mobile devices is an absolute guarantee of success. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, in PUBG Mobile you have to survive in epic 100-player battles, fast-paced 4v4 team battles, and zombie modes. The last one standing wins. With customizable mobile controls, training modes and voice chat. Feel the smoothest control, ballistics, and most realistic gun actuation on your device.

Call of duty

Activision has not missed the opportunity by launching an exclusive installment for mobile devices of its famous war saga that has become a success among users who are fond of the FPS genre since its launch   (that is, in case there is someone not in the field, First Person Shooter, or first person shooting), thanks to its great graphics and gameplay. 

Call of Duty: Mobile is clearly oriented on what is the great strength of the franchise: its multiplayer component, offering the user the possibility of fighting on iconic maps from Call of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, as well as in a special Battle Royale mode, in which we compete with 100 other people to win. As it is the brand of the house, the repertoire of weapons and possibilities of customization of these and of the soldiers themselves is overwhelmingly high.

Rules of Survival

Born as a response for PUBG mobile devices (it still did not have its Mobile version) and clearly inspired by it, Rules of Survival has managed to make a hole in the sector over the years. 

The NetEase Games title places 120 players , without weapons of any kind beforehand, on an island where they will try to be the last man standing trying to search for equipment and arsenal through an extensive mapping with cities, points of interest and vehicles to drive plus fun zombie modes.

Creative Destruction

Sandbox survival game that combines sandbox and battle royale creation with a cartoon art style (inspiration is also clear here: Fortnite). In Creative Destruction, players parachute onto a 16,000,000-square-meter large-scale battlefield with 13 locations of interest waiting to be explored, where items can be built or dismantled to build strongholds using one system innovative workshop.

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