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Inter Miami Fans Want Falcao

Gathering in front of the clubhouse for Falcao, Inter Miami fans do not give up the Colombian scorer. Spokesperson of the fan group made a new statement and said, "We hope the club brings it to Miami."

MLAM team owned by David Beckham, Inter Miami wanted Radamel Falcao, which was transferred with great hopes at the beginning of the season but could not give the expected performance due to injuries and missed many matches in Galatasaray.

The spokesperson of the Inter Miami fan group, who recently signed the form with a store for the Colombian striker, made a new statement on the subject

Spokesperson for the newly created Inter Miam fan group, 

"We have made Falcao jerseys completely independent of the club in partnership with a special jersey shop. We do not have an official link with the club, we are just a group of fans who want to see it in our team. Hopefully the club will bring it to Miami. God bless." 

he said.

He added that they learned that their clubs were bidding on Falcao in an amount they found low, and added that they needed to raise prices for the transfer to end. The statement also stated that they are proud of Falcao as Latin Americans that the star’s name is an exemplary father and that they need it for success by saying that it is a champion name.

The fan group also opened an Instagram account, where they wish Falcao to come to Inter Miami and share in this direction.

Following the economic problems caused by the pandemic, Galatasaray management asked the Colombian striker, whose warranty fee was 5 million euros and earned 7 million euros with bonuses, to give up 2 million euros and give up bonuses.

If Falcao decides to stay on the team, he will be asked to cut his salary.


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