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Japan also put ban on TikTok on its agenda

Japanese lawmakers are working on a new ban to ban TikTok and other Chinese practices.

TikTok , one of the most popular video sharing applications in the world, is under pressure by the USA with the claim that it shares the data with the Chinese government .

US President Donald Trump who made a statement recently, announced that he is considering banning TikTok across the country.

It seems that there are other countries that think like Trump. Japanese lawmakers with similar privacy concerns took action to ban TikTok and other Chinese practices.

The government is working to ban TikTok across the country, according to a report published by the Japanese national broadcaster NHK.

A TikTok spokesperson, who made a statement after the news that TikTok will be banned in Japan, stated that they are very upset about the wrong information prevailing about the company. The spokesman reminded that the CEO of TikTok is American, not Chinese.

As of now, TikTok is already experiencing a large income drop due to the ban on India. India was one of the biggest markets for TikTok and now plans to ban the practice in the USA.

Apparently, TikTok will have to review its privacy policies to avoid being banned in Japan as well.


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