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Joe Biden Could Leave The Chair To Harris


The American media has raised a claim regarding the advancing age of the Democratic candidate.

US President Donald Trump targets his Democratic opponent Joe Biden with his age in the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

President Trump is 74 years old, and Biden's age is 77. Trump says that his opponent is not suitable for the presidency due to his age.

CNN writer Chris Cillizza made a claim similar to Trump's statements in his article.

The article titled:

"Why did Joe Biden choose Kamala Harris as its Vice President?"

Pointed out the advancing age of the Democratic candidate. The possibility of Biden taking over the seat and completing his term of office was mentioned.

It was noted that 55-year-old Harris represented the younger generation of leaders, and Biden would be 78 years old when he took the chair.

In the article, it was stated that if Biden decides to step aside, Kamala Harris is ready for this task with his blessings.

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