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Lady Gaga: I can't always control my brain


The Oscar-winning singer stated that she used antipsychotic medication because of her illness.

American singer Lady Gaga talked about her illnesses in a radio broadcast she attended.

Gaga said she saw the benefits of a drug used in schizophrenia and bipolar diseases.

34-year-old singer, reveals that she takes antipsychotic drugs because she can’t always control her brain and have to take medication to prevent the occurrence of certain things.

"I know I have mental problems and these can sometimes render me dysfunctional as a person.”

It is known that Lady Gaga's struggle with mental illness which began in adolescence. In an interview last year, Gaga revealed that she was raped several times when she was 19 years old.

The famous singer said that this situation leads to fibromyalgia, which causes cognitive disorders.


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