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Lebanese President: The Cause Of The Explosion Is Unclear


Mişel Avn said that the factors causing the explosion in the Port of Beirut have not been clarified yet and the possibility that an external factor caused the explosion still exists.

On 4 August in the Port of Beirut, a fire broke out in the warehouse number 12, where explosives were located, and then a very powerful explosion took place that shook the whole of Beirut.

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hasan announced that the number of people who lost their lives in the explosion increased to 154 and the number of injured was approximately 5 thousand.

Beirut Governor Mervan Abbud stated that the damage caused by the explosion at the Beirut Port could exceed $ 10 to 15 billion.

Lebanese President Michel Avn held a press conference at the Baabda Presidential Palace in the capital Beirut .

"The reasons for the explosion in the Port of Beirut are not clear yet. An external factor may have caused it with a missile, bomb or other action." 

Avn told a press conference 

Stating that he asked the French President Emmanuel Macron, who visited Beirut, the satellite images of the explosion in the Port of Beirut, Avn stated that if the images are not available in France, they can request them from some other countries.

Avn stated that the investigation carried out regarding the explosion in Beirut would involve all those responsible, both small and large, and that the judicial process should also be carried out quickly, and that justice that is delayed is not justice.

President Avn described the demands to internationalize the investigation into the Beirut Port explosion as "an attempt to distort the truth ".

Stating that they are faced with changes such as reconsidering the political regime in the country, Avn said:

"This incident lifted the blockade against Lebanon, many of the presidents of the world countries called me and expressed their readiness to provide financial aid and they started to send aid planes." 

Pointing out that serious aid will reach Lebanon in the coming days, Avn said: 

"Beirut will be better than before the explosion. We have an idea that the regions affected by the explosion should be divided among the countries that will help."



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