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Lebanon Arrested 16 Beirut Port Staff To Investigate The Terrible Explosion


At least 16 staff members working at the port of Beirut have been arrested to investigate the cause of a severe explosion in the Lebanese capital that left more than 150 people dead and 5,000 injured.

Before that, 18 people have been questioned, including port and customs officials, as well as "those who do these jobs" at the ammonium nitrate storage site, Military Court judge Fady Akiki told the firm. Lebanese National News (NNA) on 6/8.

Up to now, the direct cause of the tragedy on August 4 has been determined to be this ammonium nitrate, which is a raw material for making fertilizer and making bombs. But what caused the chemical to catch fire and explode is still unknown.

Akiki added that the investigation is underway "with all other suspects, to clarify all the facts regarding this disaster", and that 16 individuals have been detained pending investigation.

The assumption that the blast could have stemmed from the irresponsibility of the government has sparked long-standing public anger over Lebanon's political class. The public is dissatisfied with the corruption of officials, in the context of Lebanon increasingly deep in debt and economic crisis.


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