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Many Lebanese politicians resigned after an explosion that devastated half of the capital Beirut


Five days after the explosion of chemical depots in Lebanon, more than 150 people died, 5,000 injured, at least two Lebanese ministers and six members of Parliament decided to resign.

Reuters on 9/8 reported that, Lebanese Environment Minister Damianos Kattar and Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad have filed their resignation to Prime Minister Hassan Diab following the catastrophic explosion in the capital Beirut.

Minister Demianos said he left to show solidarity with the public, while Mrs. Manal Abdel Samad apologized to the people. "The reforms in Lebanon were not what we wanted and after the terrible explosion I decided to resign," said Samad.

It is known that the cabinet of Prime Minister Hassan Diab includes 20 ministers. Last week, Secretary of State Nassif Hitti resigned due to disagreements surrounding an attempt to reform the government apparatus.

In addition to members of the cabinet, at least six members of the Lebanese Parliament have announced their resignation after the explosion in Beirut.

As was reported, on August 4, a terrible explosion in the port of Beirut shook all over the Lebanese capital and the entire region. Everywhere was a ruined scene with rubble, houses and vehicles were severely damaged by the destructive power of the explosion equivalent to an earthquake of magnitude 4.5.

Four days after the disaster, the Lebanese Ministry of Health reported more than 150 people were killed and at least 5,000 more injured. Over 60 people are still missing and rescue efforts are still underway. With the support of heavy equipment, rescue workers from France, Germany, Italy, and Russia cooperated to search for victims.

Beirut is expected to have about 300,000 people temporarily without shelter and it is estimated that the total damage after the explosion could reach 10 to 15 billion USD.


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