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Microsoft's Voice Assistant To Be Removed From Google And Apple Products

Cortana, Microsoft's voice assistant, is being removed from Android and iOS platforms.

Voice assistants, which are of great importance today, make the job of the users very easy. Especially for virtual assistants like Google Assistant, which has been used in our country in the past months, large companies are developing new technologies.

Voice assistant Cortana, which Microsoft has been working on for many years and invested heavily, lost its biggest rivals to Google Assistant and Siri. Microsoft has decided to remove Cortana from Android and iOS platforms.

Microsoft will use the voice assistant Cprtana in environments where competition is intense. On the other hand, since Cortana's support will end, Microsoft will pay $50 to Harman Kardon wireless headset owners and a $25 gift voucher to Surface owners.

It was suggested that Facebook started to work on its own voice assistant service recently and it was stated that the company aims to increase the market competition in the industry and to compete with the products of Amazon, Apple and Google. Facebook is currently the only major tech company without its own voice assistant.

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