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Netflix And HBO Series That You Will Not Be Able To Stop Watching In September


Summer is over and autumn is here again, but Netflix and HBO are going to make this return to routine easier for us with some series premieres that you will not be able to stop watching next September.

The premieres of Netflix and HBO arrive with the return to school. After a more relaxed August in terms of news, these streaming platforms return with a new batch of premieres that will arrive throughout September 2020. 

Among the series that will make your return to work more enjoyable, titles such as 'Ratched', 'Away' or 'Homeland' stand out. 


From the visionary producer of 'Friday Night Lights' comes 'Away' ('Far') , an emotional story about love and sacrifice starring Hilary Swank, winner of two Oscars, which arrives on Netflix on SEPTEMBER 4 . Hilary plays Commander Emma Green, who leads an international crew of elite astronauts on the first mission to Mars. This will separate her from her husband (Josh Charles) and teenage daughter (Talitha Bateman) for three years, just as they are going through a complex family moment.

Trailer here.


'Julie and the Phantoms' is an adaptation of the Brazilian series of the same name that Nickelodeon issued in 2011. This youth series, which arrives on SEPTEMBER 10th to Netflix, the platform for the best youth series par excellence, is directed by Kenny Ortega (creator of 'High School Musical' and 'The Descendants') and tells the story of Julie (Madison Reyes), a high school student who is inspired to re-dedicate herself to music after a break due to the death of her mother and creates a band whose name matches the title of the series.

Trailer here.


'We are who we are' is a "coming of age", as the genre is called with friendship, love and identity at the center of the characters, which will premiere on SEPTEMBER 14 on HBO. It is the first series by Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, known for films like  'Call me by your name' and 'Suspiria' and follows two young Americans, the introverted Fraser (Jack Dylan Grazer) and the confident Caitlin (Jordan Kristine Seamón), who live at the US military base in Veneto, Italy and embark on a summer of self-discovery.

Trailer here.


One of Netflix's big bets for the remainder of the year is 'Ratched', which will premiere on SEPTEMBER 18. This new series by Ryan Murphy (creator of 'Glee', 'American Horror Story', 'Hollywood', 'The Politician' and 'American Crime Story'), is inspired by the psychopathic nurse  Mildred Ratched , the main antagonist of the novel Ken Kesey's 1962 film 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', as well as the 1975 film of the same name. The best? It stars Sarah Paulson , who plays Alice Macray in 'Mrs. America', a housewife and best friend of Phyllis Schlafly.

Trailer here.


On SEPTEMBER 27, 'Homeland' will premiere on  HBO, the series based on the homonymous novel written by Fernando Aramburu that tells the story of Bittori ( Elena Irureta ). After the murder of her husband at the hands of ETA, ETA decides to return to the town where they lived all their lives. His return alters the tranquility of his neighbor Miren ( Ane Gabarain ), mother of Joxe Mari ( Jon Olivares ), a jailed terrorist and suspected of Bittori's worst fears ... What happened between these two women?

Trailer here. 



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