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Neymar Couldn't Hold Back His Tears


Brazilian star Neymar, who lost the Champions League trophy to Bayern Munich, could not stop the tears at the end of the match.

Neymar, who has always been on the agenda with his performance in the final matches, was also disappointed with his performance today.

It was up to the rival team footballers to comfort the Brazilian footballer who could not hold back his tears after the final match they lost to Bayern Munich 1-0.

It was also noteworthy that the experienced player sat alone on the bench for a long time.

The 28-year-old footballer could not hold back his tears after the 3-0 match they lost to Juventus in the years when he was wearing the Barcelona jersey before.

The star name was consoled by his citizen Dani Alves, who played in the Torino team at that time.

Neymar, who also could not keep his tears after losing 2-1 to Belgium in the quarter-finals of the World Cup held in 2018.

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