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Number Of Ministers Resigning In Lebanon Rises To 4


Lebanese Justice Minister Marie Claude Najm and Finance Minister Gazi Vezni submitted their resignations today due to the explosion.

The number of people killed in the explosion in Beirut rose to 158.

In the statement made by the Lebanese Ministry of Health, it was reported that the number of injured exceeded 6 thousand and 21 people are still missing.

Lebanese Environment Minister Damianos Kattar and Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad resigned on Sunday.

As Kattar said the government had missed many opportunities to reform, news came of two more resignations.

It was announced that Justice Minister Marie Claude Najm and Finance Minister Gazi Vezni also submitted their resignations today due to the explosion.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab had announced that he would call for early elections.

In the news of Al Jadeed Television, the Lebanese Army said in a statement on Sunday that the hope that those who were buried under the rubble due to the explosion will be rescued alive.

Prime Minister Hassan Diyab, who was having a hard time after the explosion, began to press "resignation" from his cabinet one after the other.

The Lebanese Government Council of Ministers started under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Diyab. Making statements before the critical meeting, Communications Minister Talal Havvat claimed that the government's resignation was finalized. Havvat said that if the government did not resign, he would resign.

Immigration Minister Gada Şureym, on the other hand, said that the government supported the proposal for the resignation collectively. Pointing out that he has been pressing for the decision to resign since the morning, Şureym stated that otherwise, he would resign from his post.

Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said that many foreign workers and truck drivers were lost due to the explosion and that these people were thought to have lost their lives.

Abboud said:

“There are many missing persons whose identity we cannot identify. These are truck drivers and foreign workers. Nobody can identify them. This is a difficult and time consuming process."

In the statement made by the Syrian government, it was announced that 45 of those who lost their lives were Syrian citizens.

The protest of the Lebanese who took to the streets to protest the explosion and the economic troubles in the country continues.

Thousands of people took part in various demonstrations on Saturday to protest the government.

As the demonstrators gathered in Beirut protested the elite under Lebanon's administration, gunfire rose from the region.

While law enforcement officials confirmed the use of bullets, it was seen that dozens of people were injured in live television footage.

The police did not neglect to use tear gas to disperse the crowd who wanted to enter the parliament square.

Protesters also raided the Lebanese Foreign Ministry and shouted anti-government slogans.

While the portrait of President Michel Aoun was burned during the protests, one of the protesters with a megaphone in his hand said: 

“We are staying here. We call on all Lebanese to invade ministries.”

Protesters trying to enter the Lebanese parliament square on Sunday threw stones at the police who blocked the road.

While hundreds of people gathered in the city square, 19-year-old protester Nissan Ghrawi said:

“We want to destroy and kill the government. They did not give us a job or a right.”

Protesters, who raided the offices of the Ministry of Urbanization and Transport, set a fire in one of the entrances of the parliament square.

Bechara Boutros al-Rai, Bishop of the Lebanese Christian Maronite Church, called for the government to resign.

"It is not enough for a deputy or a minister to resign. The whole government should resign because it is incapable of helping this country recover." 

Bechara said at the Sunday service.

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholics, called on the Lebanese to act together to build a "new and powerful" coexistence.

Pope Francis:

"The disaster that took place on Tuesday shows that everyone, especially the Lebanese, must act together for the good of this beautiful country." 

In the statement made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it was stated that they are willing to help Lebanon, but that Lebanon should also be willing to reform.

Explaining the expected reforms from Lebanon, IMF President Kristalina Georgieva stated that steps should be taken to restore the solvency of public finance and the soundness of the financial system and that temporary measures should be taken to prevent ongoing capital outflows.

Georgieva said: 

“We are ready to double our support for Lebanon. However, Lebanon needs to set a common goal. All its institutions need to come together and be determined to make the necessary reforms. Their commitment to making these reforms will provide billions of dollars in support for the Lebanese people. It is a time when the rulers of this country must act decisively. We are ready to support. " 

In the statement made by the French Presidency, it was stated that 253 million euros were collected in the aid campaign for Lebanon.

Macron's office said in a statement that this aid was not linked to political or structural reforms.

While expressing that it is necessary to be transparent about how the aids will be used; Iran stated that the US should lift the sanctions imposed on Lebanon.

"This explosion should not be used as an excuse for political purposes. The cause of the explosion should be carefully investigated."

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Abbas Mousavi told a press conference. 

"If you are honest about being with US support, remove the sanctions imposed on Lebanon." 


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