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Pre-US Presidential Election Security Measure From Instagram


Instagram will ask for authentication from suspicious accounts within the scope of new security measures. The account of those who do not verify will be closed.

With the US presidential elections approaching in November, a lot of work falls on the platforms against attempts to endanger the security of the election on social media.

We shared with you yesterday that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter came together before the 2020 presidential elections and that various steps will be taken with the government.

One of these steps came from the popular photo sharing application Instagram. The platform, owned by Facebook, will now require some verification from its users.

Instagram will send the verification request to accounts showing suspicious behavior and ask them to verify who they are with an official identification document.

The interaction of accounts that do not verify will be restricted or accounts may be suspended completely.

The social media platform, which had a difficult time after the previous US elections, plans to overcome this process with the least damage with new measures.

Apart from Instagram, other platforms are taking various measures before the upcoming elections.

Twitter announced that it would no longer run political ads on the platform. Also Facebook and Instagram; In the coming days, it will offer users an option to prevent political ads from appearing in the stream.


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