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President Trump considered the possibility of amnesty for "US traitor" Edward Snowden


The US leader said he had heard many convincing arguments towards both amnesty and non-amnesty for Edward Snowden and would consider this issue.

Recently, at a press conference on August 15, President Donald Trump said he did not know much about the Snowden case - who denounced the controversial wiretapping program of the National Security Agency (NSA). However, the leader has heard many convincing arguments towards amnesty and not amnesty.

"I will take a very close look at Edward Snowden." 

Trump said.

Edward Snowden - former US intelligence officer who disclosed top secret eavesdropping program information from the NSA in 2013. He once shocked the world by silently sending information to the Guardian newspaper after fleeing to Hong Kong Then take a flight to Moscow to avoid wanted and extradition orders. The former US intelligence agent was later granted asylum by Russia.

Snowden is known as "whistleblower" when denouncing the communications surveillance system of the US security agency. The incident caused the Washington government to be criticized both domestically and internationally, and sparked fierce debates about the government's eavesdropping activities.

For those who support civil liberties, Snowden is the hero. But many people, especially the US government, see former NSA employees as traitors.

It is known that the Edward Snowden amnesty petition was launched in 2016 to send Trump's predecessor, President Barack Obama. By 2017, the petition had reached 1 million signatures and was sent to the White house.



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