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Rolls Royce Participates In The Production Of The Supersonic Jet Aircraft

British Rolls-Royce Company was also involved in the production of the supersonic jet aircraft called "Boom", also known as Concorde's heir.

Concorde, the first supersonic commercial aircraft to be manufactured with the support of England and France, made its first flight in 1969. Concorde, which could fly faster than the sound, could not be taken off again due to the misfortunes that occurred later.

Today, works are being carried out for the supersonic jet aircraft called "Boom", also known as Concorde's heir. The speed of the new supersonic jet will reach 2,300 kilometers per hour. This figure is almost twice the speed of sound.

In this way, the new supersonic jet, which aims to shorten travel times, will reduce the 9-hour flight between New York and London to 3.5 hours today.

It was announced that the UK-based Rolls-Royce will also be involved in the production of the jet, which will be produced by the Boom Supersonic Company and is currently in the R&D stage. According to the news in the British press, Rolls-Royce will produce the propulsion systems of the aircraft.

There is no official explanation as to when the supersonic model will be ready for use yet. However, when the flight starts, it is estimated that the ticket price will be in the band of 2 thousand pounds.

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