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Russia Produces The First 'Fully Humanistic' COVID-19 Vaccine


Russian Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev said Russia will register the world's first COVID-19 vaccine on August 12. This is explained as completely humanistic, not because of political motives.

The world's first COVID-19 vaccine in Russia will be registered on August 12, 2020 , according to Russian Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev.

Mikhail Murashko (Russian Minister of Health) revealed, mass vaccination in Russia is still expected to start in October, and all costs will be covered by the state budget.

"We're running the final testing phase, it's very important. We have to make sure the vaccine is safe. Health professionals and the elderly will be the first to receive these injections."

Mr. Gridnev stressed.

Mr. Vadim Tarasov (Institute of Medical Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Sechenov) affirmed, the reason behind the vaccine production first is purely human and not political.

"To say this is a political move or strive to be the first is not correct. It is important to help people and prevent the spread of the pandemic."

Said Tarasov.

It is known that this vaccine is jointly developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of Defense. The vaccine has two separate injected components, intended to build long-term immunity against the virus.

Clinical trials of the vaccine started June 18 with the participation of 38 volunteers divided into two groups.

All of them developed immunity, the first group was discharged on July 15 while the second group was discharged on July 20.


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