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Russia Receives 1 Billion COVID-19 Vaccine Requests From 20 Countries


A Russian official said there is worldwide interest in the coronavirus vaccine approved by his country. It is aimed to produce over 500 million vaccine doses in the first place.

Russia announced that it has registered the world's first coronavirus vaccine.

While vaccination studies are continuing at full speed in other countries, Kirill Dmitriev, President of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said that there is a demand for coronavirus vaccine from many countries.

Stating that there is great interest abroad in the Russian vaccine produced by the Gamaleya Research Institute, Dmitriev said:

"We have received preliminary requests for 1 billion vaccine doses from 20 countries." 

"Together with our foreign partners in five countries, we are ready to produce over 500 million vaccine doses." 

According to the news of TASS, Dmitriev stated at the online conference he attended that many Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian countries were interested in purchasing the Russian vaccine. It was reported that several contracts were concluded.

Kirill Dmitriev also gave information about the coronavirus vaccine studies, and stated that the Russian Direct Investment Fund has reached an agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and some other countries to conduct the third phase of the vaccine clinical trials abroad.

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