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Russia's Largest Colored Diamond Found (photos)


It is stated that the intense yellow color of the 236-carat diamond is the largest colored diamond ever mined in Russia.

Almazy Anabara, a subsidiary of Russia-based diamond mining company Alrosa, announced that the intense yellow 236-carat diamond was mined from Yakutistan's Ebelyakh mine.

In a statement made by the company, the dimensions of the diamond are 47x24x22 millimeters, and the diamond in question is 120-230 million years old.

It was also stated that the diamond has the largest color diamond feature ever mined in Russia.

“Finding such a large colored diamond is a unique discovery.”

Said Pavel Vinikhin, Head of Alrosa's Cutting and Polishing Department. 

“Diamond is examined and evaluated by our experts at Alrosa's Unified Sales Organization. After that, we will decide whether we will give it to our producers for cutting or sell it unprocessed."


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