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Samsung moved the PC production line in China to Vietnam

Nikkei Asian Review of Japan said that Samsung Electronics has planned to close its factory in Suzhou City - China and move its production line to an existing factory in Vietnam.

A Samsung Electronics spokesperson told the Nikkei Asian Review:

"The decision to close the plant in China was based on the need to find a cost advantage, namely to cut costs and maintain competitiveness in the array trading personal computers (PC)."

According to the South Korean technology firm, the factory in Suzhou will close this month and convert part of the facility into a research and development center. Samsung also informed employees about factory shutdowns and job cuts at the end of July. Samsung now wants to move its production line in China to an existing factory in Vietnam.

This information also completely coincides with the recent moves of Samsung Group.

Recently on June 20, Samsung Vietnam organized a large-scale labor recruitment in Hanoi. Representatives of Samsung Vietnam said that more than 2,000 bachelor's candidates and engineers participated in the GSAT (Global Samsung Aptitude Test) round to work at the company.

This shift will turn Vietnam into a world-class supplier of Samsung branded computer monitors, with more than 40 computer monitor products that have been researched by production lines in Vietnam.

According to a report by market research firm IDC, Samsung is leading the market of computer screens with a size of 24 inches or more in Vietnam, with 34% market share.


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